Nashville Anchor Cleans Out Her Desk at 2AM

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WSMV Anchor Demetria Kalodimos got tongues wagging when she cleaned out her desk at the station at 2AM on Tuesday. 

The Tennessean writes that Kalodimos, on vacation this week, made the move eight days after she was named as a witness to an age discrimination suit filed against WSMV. The veteran anchor, whose contract with Channel 4 expires Dec. 31, declined comment.

WSMV news director Denise Eck gathered newsroom staffers early Tuesday evening to say the station has made no changes in the anchor lineup, according to two people at the meeting. 

The news director, with tear-filled eyes, went on to say she had no idea why Kalodimos cleaned out her desk.

Eck didn't respond to two phone messages and an email asking for comment.

WSMV general manager Dale Woods didn't respond to three phone messages and a text message asking for comment.

In a lawsuit brought by three former longtime WSMV personalities — but not Kalodimos — the plaintiffs charged station managers exposed Kalodimos to "many acts of age-based discrimination and hostility."

Those acts include "public berating" and "ridicule," spreading false rumors that Kalodimos would be retiring soon and referring to the veteran anchor as an "old maid," according to the lawsuit.

Cleaning out your desk is an old negotiating ploy that has been used by a number of TV people in the past (including yours truly)  and it seems to be having the impact that Kalodimos was hoping it would have. 

Stay tuned....