Lauer Killed Off all the Heirs Apparent

Now that NBC has fired Matt Lauer from the Today Show, they are kind of stuck as what to do now?

If NBC is going to replace Lauer with a male (which you don't have to do NBC), who the hell do they go with? 

Over the years, NBC has tried to hire Lauer's heir apparent, but Lauer just kept killing them off one by one. 

First, it was supposed to be David Gregory. Then it was Josh Elliot. Then it was Billy Bush. 

Page Six says that industry insiders say that during his 20-year tenure at morning show “Today,” Lauer — who was booted last week after he was accused of sexually harassing colleagues — was so ruthless in maintaining his spot as the golden boy of NBC that “Matt killed off, in their infancy, every man who could succeed him at the time that he was ready to hang it up — so there’s nobody to take his place. And now NBC is paying the price.”

As a result, the male front-runner is Craig Melvin, a “Weekend Today” host of whom one network exec said, “I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup.”

Rumors are that Megyn Kelly is trying to takeover Lauer's gig, but her ratings are so bad and her ego is so big that it is likely that even NBC isn't stupid enough to make that move. 

NBC is now stuck with a real problem. Do you really think viewers are going to tune in to watch the Today Show with Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin? 

I don't think so. 

NBC needs a big name and there really is no one out there. 

I think it's time that NBC starts thinking about two females anchoring Today. 

It's the wise choice as long as they steer clear of Megyn Kelly.