Keurig Flip Flops on Hannity


If you want to see a company that can't get out of their own way, look no further than Keurig coffee makers.

The company pulled their ads from Sean Hannity's Fox News show after he showed continuing support for Alabama Senate candidate and teenager girl chaser Roy Moore. 

The group Media Matters called for a boycott of Hannity's show and Keurig went along with it. 

It's not like supporting Moore is out of character for Hannity. The guy preaches flat out hate on anything on the left and supports anything on the right. Even alleged pedophiles.

So, why did Keurig take a stand this time when the hate from Hannity has been coming for years? 

Because a few people emailed and called them and told them they should boycott Hannity.

So, the company made the knee-jerk decision to do just that. 

But then, those on the right started blasting Keurig for pulling their ads and started smashing their coffee makers. 

So, then Keurig's CEO flip-flopped made some lame excuse and said that they would be putting their ads back on Fox News. 

It just shows that Keurig is a company with no backbone at all and is not one that should be supported by either the left or the right. 

Hannity blames the group Media Matters for the entire thing, saying if Media Matters had their way, "“there would be no Fox News Channel. … There would be no dissent, no difference of opinion, no free exchange of ideas.”

Of course, if Hannity had his way, we would have no MSNBC, no CNN and no diversity in this country. 

And you don't need any coffee to wake up to that fact.