That's Not Cool...

A couple of days ago, FTVLive told you that former WGCL (Atlanta) Anchor Bobby Kaple had officially put his hat in the ring to run for Congress. 

Kaple has his political website up and running and right at the top, before anything else, he's begging for money. The kid learns the political game fast. 

But, he also features a picture of himself and his wife and kids sitting on the WGCL news set. Now, if I'm the Meredith station, I would not be real happy seeing our news set and logo prominently featured on a politician's website.  

If the pic was him just anchoring the news, that wouldn't be so bad. But, when the photo features his whole family on the news set, it's almost like the station gave their approval. 

Here's a screenshot from the website and if I was the ND at WGCL, I would at the very least be writing a letter to the former Anchor. 

Let's hope Sharon Reed gets right on that.