RIP Wendy Chioji

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This news breaks my heart to report.

Longtime Orlando Anchor Wendy Chioji died yesterday.

A couple weeks ago I updated you guys on Wendy’s fight with cancer. I talked about how Wendy was the strongest person I know. Shortly after I posted the story, Wendy posted a thanks to me on her Facebook page and sent me and email.

Wendy Chioji was dying, yet she was still sending out thank you notes.

This is the Wendy I know. We have talked and exchanged messages over the years and she really is an inspiration.

Wendy was the most popular Anchor in Orlando TV’s history. She was class through and through.

The world is not as good of a place as it was yesterday, because Wendy Chioji is no longer in it.

I can assure you that not one of Wendy Chioji’s friends will remember how she died, but we damn will remember how she lived!

RIP Wendy, you made this world a better place!