Look Up in the Sky! It's a Drone

An abandoned building on fire in downtown Dayton was the lead story on WRGT in last night.

Well, sort of, the lead story was on the fire scene but it was the drones flying about the scene that topped the station's newscast.

Anyone can go to the mall and plunk down a couple of hundred bucks and buy a drone. But, for some reason, local news is obsessed by the toys. It's as if aliens were swooping down out of the sky. 

"When I saw the smoke, I thought it would be a good idea to get some good aerial footage.  It's a hobby of mine that I do on the side," said drone operator, Bob Ellis to WRGT.

"I like to do my part and help out any way I can.  Anything we can do to help the police and fire department.  We're all about that," said Ellis.

The footage shot by the drone was no more spectacular than anything shot by the stations Photographers, but my God it was a Drone!!!

Here's a link to the video of the stations lead story on the drone.