Weatherman Fined $200 for Crash that Almost Killed Him


It's bad enough that he spent days in the hospital after a car crash that almost killed him. Also, he had to shop for a new car after the old one was totaled. 

Now, Roanoke Weatherman Jamey Singleton has been fined $200 for that very same crash. 

A judge ordered Singleton Yesterday to pay a $200 fine for causing the February crash that sent him and two other men to the hospital.

Singleton pleaded not guilty in Bedford County District Court to misdemeanor reckless driving, according to online court records.

The charge was amended to driving on the wrong side of the highway, an infraction, court records show.

Police have said Singleton crashed his 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse at 9:49 a.m. on Feb. 19 when he crossed the centerline of Virginia 122 and struck a delivery truck. He told troopers he was eating breakfast while driving.

The crash seriously injured Singleton. Two others in the delivery truck were also injured.

Singleton works for WSET as a Web producer and sometimes makes appearances on camera.

He previously had been an on-air meteorologist for WSLS.

H/T Roanoke Times