Sinclair Announces Expanded National Investigative Initiative


Sinclair says that they are beefing up their investigative reporting at their stations.

In a press release, Scott Livingston, Vice President of News for Sinclair says, "Our strategy in many Sinclair markets will be to shift some daily news coverage resources into investigative journalism. Sinclair plans to raise the overall number of investigative reporters strategically positioned on the ground to over 100 reporters."

The release goes on to say, "Sinclair launched a weekly national investigative news program, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson in 2015. The program is ready to launch its third season after achieving record ratings in the first two seasons."

Full Measure is largely looked at as a tool for Sinclair to attack the left and keep getting out their conservative message. So you wonder if this will be the same goal of their "national investigative initiative"?

Also, "record ratings"? What record and over what?  

We'll these stories become "must runs" next to Boris Epshteyn and Mark "Buster" Hyman? If so, where is the room for the daily news of the day? 

Just asking...