Hello Pot, I'm Kettle...


When Donald Trump announced he was running for President, CNN covered him wall to wall. They took every one of his political rallies and gave him millions (billions?) in free air time. 

You could not watch more than a few minutes of CNN without them talking about Trump and his campaign. CNN boss Jeff Zucker was able to walk into Trump's office unannounced and sit down. CNN media critic Brian Stelter even gushed that Trump looked at primary results on his phone once. 

CNN went all in on Trump and many believe that they were a big part of helping him get elected.

Of course, now Trump has turned on CNN and they have done the same to him. Trump calls CNN fake news and says that the network's coverage of him is unfair. But, during the election, one could argue that CNN was more in Trump's corner than even Fox News. 

So you have to laugh when you hear CNN boss Jeff Zucker call out Facebook for taking ads from Russia during the Presidential campaign. 

Zucker spoke at the Women in the World Summit this week and had this to say about Facebook:

"Facebook has not been forthcoming about their role in the election and their feet need to be held to the fire more. I think it's outrageous that Facebook won’t be more transparent about advertising they took from Russia... If all of us don’t speak up more about that, then shame on us,"  Zucker said. 

" Forthcoming about their role in the election"? You might want to look in the mirror Jeff before you speak next time.

Just saying...