Fox O&O's to Add 11:30PM Newscast


The Fox O&O's announced that they are going to start doing an 11:30PM newscast for people that don't want to watch the late night talk shows. 

“For years, the idea was you had to have ‘Seinfeld,’” to compete with late-night shows on rival stations, says Frank Cicha, senior vice president of programming for Fox TV Stations, in an interview. “Those days are done.”

Sources tell FTVLive that many of the Fox O&O's have been told there will be no money added to the budget for the extra newscast and they will just have to work with what they got. 

"We're told to just make it work," said one Fox O&O News Director to FTVLive. 

So, no longer paying big bucks for Seinfeld syndication, no extra staff to hire and all the commercial spots are now owned by the station. Hmmmmm? is this really about doing more news, or making and saving money.

We report. You decide.