The Double Standard in TV News

WTWO, the Nexstar station in Terre Haute, Indiana decided to play a trick on the viewers for sweeps.

The station had two of their Weather Anchors, one male, one female wear the exact same outfit on the air for one week.

But you can't guess what happened? 

OK....I guess you can. The female Anchor got all kinds of comments, while the male anchor got none. Even the people working in the station didn't notice the male Weather Anchor wore the same thing everyday (although, I sure they did smell him).

Meteorologist Robyn King wore the same dress on air every day for an entire week.

"I think that there's a double-edged sword," says King. "I think a lot of people do focus on what I wear. Not that I mind that, but I do want them to actually pay attention to what I'm trying to say."

Viewers noticed, and took action with Facebook messages.

"Hey what's up with you wearing the same dress? Did someone steal your wardrobe," reads one message sent to King.

But it wasn't as obvious when her male counterpart, Chief Meteorologist Jesse Walker, did the same thing.
"No viewers made any comment that I wore the same thing," says Walker.

"The fact that there's so much unfairness in what you wear. It's just, it sounds kind of silly when you step back, and think about it," says King.

You can watch the story on the station's website.