Pushed Out in NYC

WPIX in New York is shaking up their morning news program. 

Back on May 10th (others didn't get to the story until this week) FTVLive FIRST told you that WMAQ (Chicago) Weather Anchor Byron Miranda was leaving the Windy City and was headed to WPIX. He will be the morning Weather Anchor replacing Linda Church. 

The soon to be Sinclair station also announced that they were hiring Betty Nguyen to replace Sukanya Krishnan on the news anchor desk. 

Krishnan still had some time left on the job, but was sacked yesterday and will not get to finish out her time, nor say goodbye to viewers. 

TunedIn reports that WPIX News Director Amy Waldman told station talent to promote Nguyen's hire on social media. Krishnan, though, balked, saying in effect, “I’m still here.”

Waldman, sources say, felt it was insubordination and led directly to her calling Krishnan’s agent about the termination.

Tuned In says that Waldman then ordered staff, in particular morning co-anchor Scott Stanford, to never mention Krishnan’s name on the air or they would face their own firing.

Kala Rama is now filling  Krishnan’s spot on a temporary basis.

Krishnan joined PIX in 2001 and the became a mainstay of their morning newscast for 13 years.